Why I love Backyard Bowls

I can’t believe I waited SO long to try Backyard Bowls!

he loves green bowls!

I’m completely into healthy food, but I guess I hesitated because I thought the prices were a little high for a bowl of fruit that seemed like a simple thing to make at home.

Well, I was WRONG!

I finally got to experience their delicious fruit/granola/yogurt bowls the other day when a friend suggested we go there for lunch.  I got the “green” bowl and it was SO good that I can’t wait to go back.

Here’s where I was completely wrong:

First of all, the Green Bowl is not something I would be able to make easily at home.  It had a glob of frozen green stuff in the bottom which had the consistency AND taste of ice cream – yet it was made with a blend of spinach, broccoli, banana, ginger and lime juice (plus I asked them to add hemp milk).  This was topped with some great tasting hemp granola (I’m not even sure what “hemp” is but eating it makes me feel really healthy).  Top that off with organic strawberries, blueberries, and Goji berries – voila!  A super healthy meal that would take several trips to different stores to get all the right ingredients, and it’s all done for me.

The second place where I was wrong is with the cost.  When you look at the serving size (HUGE) two people can easily split a large bowl ($8.25) filled with healthy, local, organic fruits and vegetables.  All that organic food doesn’t come cheap.  So when you look at it that way it seems like a bargain.

And the best part?  My son will eat his veggies!

eating a green bowl

Part of my job being a Santa Barbara Realtor includes recommending great places to eat, so I wanted to share this family-friendly dining recommendation!

Doesn’t this look like a guy who likes his green bowl?  🙂

Way to go Backyard Bowls – you ROCK!

One thought on “Why I love Backyard Bowls

  1. That kid looks like he is really enjoying himself! Backyard Bowls In Santa Barbara is so delicious and really healthy too! Good serving sizes and the different selections are all so delicious. The original backyard bowl is my personal favorite. I always have to stop by and pick one up whenever I’m in Santa Barbara. Thankfully it is super close to the hotel I always stay at-the Sandman Inn (www.thesandmaninn.com). Super affordable and probably close to everything!

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