Sold! Vintage Ranch Lane, Santa Barbara CA 93110

Front view of Vintage Ranch Ln

Another Santa Barbara home sold by Marie Sue Parsons and Stephanie Young!

This one was tricky!  A few hurdles in the escrow nearly prevented it from happening.  But we never gave up!  We got creative and overcame all the challenges that we ran into.  Here are a few of the problems that we solved:

  • The buyers had two weeks to find a tenant for their current home to qualify for the new loan.  We managed to get a short term tenant to satisfy this lender requirement.
  • The sellers needed to put money into the deal in order to sell because the current market value was less than the balance due on their mortgage.  They agreed!
  • The appraisal came in less than the purchase price which meant that the sellers needed to come up with even more money to close the escrow and sell the house.  We negotiated a way for the parties to put in some funds to make it work.  The seller came up with the extra money and even got the sellers on their replacement property to help with some cash to make it work!

Against all odds we got it done!  The real estate climate is more complicated than it once was.  It takes an experienced Realtor (or two!) to work through the challenges that come up in today’s home sales.  Marie Sue and Stephanie never give up!  We will think outside-the-box to solve your real estate goals.  Let us know what your goals are – we would love to help!

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